Kent State

Born out of my love for Guided By Voices, Swervedriver and a total lack of means or knowledge to record a single thing came Kent State. 

The first few eps were record with a small amp just pointed at my computer. The vocals were recorded in the middle of nowhere in my car so my neighbors wouldn't hear me and not much changed throughout the course of the band in that department, save for a few new mics & amps. 

I moved to LA shortly thereafter and put a live band together with the help of Paul D'Elia (Tear It Up, Suspect, Cut the Shit, Rough Kids), Nick Townsend (Dead Beat, Fireburn, Catholic Spit), Emma (Catholic Spit, Taarkus), & Anthony Tetrow (Taarkus, Amendment 18, The Love Below) played a handful of shows with Oblivians, Ty Segall, Royal Headache, DTCV, Shivering Window.

Over the course of a few years I put out 5 tapes ( 2 eps and 3 splits), a digital only ep, an LP that collects a few of them, a digital collection of the other 3 tape splits and a grip of comp appearances, cover songs and other various which I've included here.