Deep Sleep

After Never Enough broke up, Tony and I talked about doing more of a hardcore punk band, since at the end NE had been covering Poison Idea, Dead Boys, Action Swingers, etc. We enlisted drummer Lee Ashlin from Baltimore legends The Fuses, and Can't Say/ Greasegun bassist Mike Thompson and proceded to write our first 7" which was released on Grave Mistake records out of Richmond. 
Mike & Lee quit at roughly the same time and Tony and I decided to keep it going with the help of Mike Sterns and Darick Sater from The Spark and Active Sac, huge fans of the same style of SST/ Cruz Records style punk-pop, we started trying to take the Deep Sleep sound to a whole new level. 
We toured the US a bunch, even did a few weeks in Europe, released two more 7"s, and an LP called Turn Me Off.
I moved to California. Tony is busy with WarXGames, Glue Traps and Celebrated Summer Records. Darick drums in Nightbirds.
We still try to play a few times a year or a short tour here and there when life permits. Hit us up to play your Fest or book us a tour or something!