Can't Say

Posted by Nicholas Vance on

So right around the time Inspite was breaking up I had been really into the UK Melodic Punk scene. Bands like Leatherface, Hooton 3 Car, Broccoli, DRIVE, Mega City Four, and China Drum were blowing my mind. I got some friends together and some friends of friends, and soon enough we had dubbed ourselves Can't Say after one of our favorite ALL songs. Donald Lefkowitz (Greasegun, Widow's Watch) and I would get together, and flesh songs out and bring em to practice, teach em to the guys and have Andy (96 Ghosts) write lyrics for them. We recorded a four song demo in our practice space and then 4 songs which were released on a comp on UK'S Boss Tuneage record label as a part of their Instant Singles Collection in 2002 both of which I have included here for your listening pleasure / download. In 2003 we recorded 6 songs with Chris Camden at Ultrasound Studios to be released by Newest Industry out of Wales. We broke up before this came out so they put the songs up on their website to download.

Can't Say - Call Me